Important Points For A Beach Wedding

The beaches at Navarre are perfect for weddings. They offer beautiful scenery of sun and the sea with greenery all around. If you live in Navarre, it would be easy for you to organize the whole setting, but if you don’t live in Navarre, you can go for a destination wedding. It will be a very cheap affair for you if your budget is low.

wedding on the beach

Some points to consider for a beach wedding

Wedding Package – There are many types of beach wedding packages offered by different agencies in Navarre. You can choose the one that fits your budget. If you want the entire ceremony and reception to take place at the beach, you can go for a private beach where you won’t have any disturbances. Or you can just have the ceremony at the beach and the after-party at a resort or beach house.

Wedding time- Keeping a wedding at a beach might be very beautiful, but don’t forget the heat factor. Afternoons would be worst, so try to keep it at dawn or dusk so you would have a great weather while getting married. Also, notify your guests about the time so they could get their dresses according to the time.

Wedding dress- Keep your dresses light, heavy gowns will weigh you down and also make you sweat a lot, ruining your makeup. Grooms can go for cotton shirts and jackets so that they don’t feel trapped in their clothing. Tie your hair in a bun or even ponytail will do; letting them open would bother you due to the heavy wind.